Indiana's Historic Pathways

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The Byway comprises the following segments:

1. U. S. 50 (overlaps U.S. 150 to Shoals)

2nd Street to Vigo Street .3 city/urban
Vigo Street to 7th Street .3 city/urban
7th St. (Washington Ave.) to Old Highway 50 2.4 city/urban
Old Highway 50 to New US Highway 50 10.8 secondary/rural
Highway 50 to Maysville Road 10.8 primary/rural
Maysville Rd. to Old Highway 50 .2 secondary/rural
Old Highway 50 to New US Highway 50 5.3 city/urban
US Highway 50 to US Highway 50/37 39.6 secondary/rural
US Highway 50/37 to Old Highway 50 1.3 primary/rural
Old Highway 50 to US Highway 50 (16th St.)(west bound) H Street-to15th Street

15th Street to M Street

M Street to Old US 50

1.1 (east bound) primary/ urban
US Highway 50 (16th St.) to US Highway 50 1.9 secondary/urban
US Highway 50 Bedford to Brownstown 27.2 secondary/rural
US Highway 50 Brownstown 1.8 secondary/urban
US Highway 50 Brownstown to Seymour 7.5 secondary/rural
US Highway 50 Seymour 4.8 secondary/urban
US Highway 50 Seymour to North Vernon 10.9 secondary/rural
US Highway 50 North Vernon 2.5 secondary/urban
US Highway 50 to Junction St. Hwy. 101 26.8 secondary/rural
US Highway 50, Junction SR 101 to Aurora 12.6 primary/rural
US Highway 50 Aurora to Ohio State Line 13.0 primary/urban

2. HIGHWAY 150 (overlaps U. S. 50 to Shoals)

2nd Street to Vigo Street .3 city/urban
Vigo Street to 7th Street .3 city/urban
7th Street (Washington Ave.) to old Highway 150 2.4 city/urban
Old Highway 50/150 to New US Highway 150/50 10.8 secondary/rural
New US 150/50 to Maysville Road 10.8 primary
Maysville Road to Old Highway 150/50 .2 secondary/rural
Old Highway 150/50 to US Highway 150/50 5.3 city/urban
US Highway 50/150 to US Highway 150 (Shoals) 19.9 secondary/rural
US Highway 150 (Shoals) to Paoli Pike 57.2 secondary/rural
New Albany/Clarksville:
Paoli Pike (State St.) to Main St. 5.9 secondary/urban
Main Street (east bound to Hwy.62) to Randolph Ave 3.8 secondary/urban
**Highway 62 to Spring St. (one way west bound) secondary/urban
Randolph Ave. to Harrison Ave. .4 secondary/urban
Harrison Ave. to South Clark St. .1 secondary/urban
South Clark St. to Sherwood Ave. .9 secondary/urban
Sherwood Ave. to Riverside Drive .5 secondary/urban
Riverside Drive to Falls of Ohio parking lot .3 secondary/urban

TOTAL MILEAGE, INDIANA’S HISTORIC PATHWAYS: 250.2 (50 miles of U.S. 50 and 150 overlap, Vincennes to Shoals; extant segments of the Buffalo Trace on primary and secondary roadways are included in the entries in Parts 1 and 2 above.)


2nd St. Vigo St. .3 city/urban
Vigo Street to 7th Street .3 city/urban
7th Street to Hart Street .4 city/urban
Hart Street to Holman Road 12.4 secondary/rural
Holman Road to Campbell Road .6 rural/gravel
Campbell Road to Beech Hills Road .9 rural/gravel
Beech Hills Road to Jones Road 3.4 rural/gravel
Jones Road to State Highway 61 .5 rural/gravel
State Highway 61 to River Road .9 rural/gravel
River Road to County Road 250W 1.4 rural/gravel/paved
County Road 250W to State Highway 56 2.3 rural/paved
State Highway 56 to State Highway 356 1.7 secondary
State Highway 356 to State Highway 257 9.1 secondary
State Highway 257 to County Road 325N 3.8 secondary
County Road 325N to County Road 1100E 1.9 rural/chip+seal
County Road 1100E to County Road 560N .7 rural/gravel
County Road 560N to County Road 800W 1.1 rural/gravel
County Road 800W to County Road 580N .2 secondary
County Road 580N to County Road 550W 2.5 secondary
County Road 550W to County Road 600N .1 secondary
County Road 600N to County Road 500W .5 secondary
County Road 500W to County Road 570N .2 secondary
County Road 570N to County Road 400W 1.0 secondary
County Road 400W to County Road 500N .8 rural/chip+seal
County Road 500N to Portersville Road 1.1 secondary
Portersville Road to County Road 600N .7 secondary
County Road 600N to Old St. Route 45 2.2 rural/gravel
Old St. Route 45 to US Highway 231 .6 secondary
US Highway 231 to State Highway 56 .6 secondary
State Highway 56 to Cuzco Road 9.3 secondary
Cuzco Road to Main St. (Cuzco) 2.5 rural/gravel
Main St. to Cuzco Road .1 secondary
Cuzco Road to Cuzco-Norton Road .8 secondary
Cuzco-Norton Road to County Road 750N 1.7 rural/chip+seal
County Road 750N to County Road 375S 2.5 rural/chip+seal
County Road 375S to State Highway 145 2.2 rural/paved
State Highway 145 to County Road 410S .9 secondary
County Road 410S to County Road 575S 3.6 rural/paved
County Road 575S to County Road 475W 2.0 rural/paved
County Road 475W to County Road 510S 2.4 rural/paved
County Road 510S to State Highway 37 3.8 rural/paved
State Highway 37 to Valeene Road 1.4 secondary
Valeene Road to County Road 820S 5.4 rural/paved
County Road 820S to County Road 575E 2.8 rural/paved
County Road 575E to County Road 925S 2.2 rural/paved
County Road 925S to County Road 675E 1.8 rural/chip+seal
County Road 675E to County Rd 50E .7 rural/paved
County Road 750E to State Highway 66 3.7 rural/gravel
State Highway 66 to Totten Ford Road .8 secondary
Totten Ford Road to North Road 5.4 rural/paved
North Road to Hancock Chapel Road .1 rural/paved
Hancock Chapel Road to Greenville Rd 10.4 rural/paved
Greenville Road to US Highway 150 .5 secondary
US Highway 150 to Buttontown Road .4 secondary
Buttontown Road to Old Vincennes Rd 1.3 secondary
Old Vincennes Road to Luther Road 8.1 secondary
Luther Road to Old Route 150 2.1 secondary
New Albany/Clarksville:
Old Route 150 to Main St. (New Albany) .8 secondary/urban
Main St. to State Highway 111 1.1 city/urban
State Highway 111 to Spring Street .2 city/urban
Spring Street to Emory Crossing Road 1.3 city/urban
Emory Crossing Road to Clark Cabin 1.4 city/urban
SIDE TRIP (New Albany/Clarksville)
McCullock Pike to State Highway 131 .5 city/urban
State Highway 131 Gutford Road .4 city/urban
Gutford Road to Silver Creek Crossing .8 city/urban