Indiana History Resources for Teachers

Below is a list of resources for educators to use in the classroom including presentations from past workshops, articles and lesson plans.



Presentations from Teacher Workshops

Indiana’s Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad in Madison, Indiana
Stagecoaches & Inns on the Buffalo Trace
Pioneer Plants & Cooking
History of the Miami Indian Nation
Indiana’s Natural Landscape Prior to Statehood
Corydon Capitol State Historic Site
Vincennes State Historic Site
Southern Indiana and the Civil War
Native Americans – Mann Site to Angel Mounds
Forts of Southern Indiana

Early Transportation Maps

Early Transportation 1
Early Transportation 2
Early Transportation 3
Lincoln Family Route
Mississippi River Valley
Physiographic Regions
Railways: 1860
Railways: 1880
Railways: 1880 version 2
Westward Movement



Travel in Indiana Long Ago Part I
Travel in Indiana Long Ago Part II
Travel in Indiana Long Ago Part III
The WPA Wagon
Threshing on the Farm
Morgan’s Raid in Jackson County
The Old Grist Mill
Women and Their Homes Part I
Women of Their Homes Part II
Lincoln in Spencer County
Lincoln: What We Know
Teacher Resources


Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities

Ethnic Background
A Little Bit of French, Anyone?
Conflict of Cultures: Indians & White Settlers
Early French Inhabitants of Indiana: Our Lost Legacy
Indian Pow Wow & Related Activities
Intentional German Communities in Indiana: Dubois & Spencer Counties
Life at a French Fur Trading Post
Native American Religious Beliefs
The Amish in Indiana
The French Connection
The French in Indiana

Significant Events
Cultures in Conflict: Indian Removal in Indiana
Indiana and the Civil War: Bingo Review Activity
The Civil War
The Pigeon Roost Massacre

Important Locations
A Visit to Indiana’s First State Capital
Angel Site of Southwestern Indiana
Corydon, Indiana, 1813-1825
Historic Newburgh: A Local History Investigation
Historic Southern Indiana: A Cooperative Learning Assignment
Scott County History
Teaching County History: Dubois County, Indiana
The Staging of the Indiana Frontier
The Wabash and Erie Canal
Visiting George Rogers Clark National Historical Park

People of Interest
Abe Lincoln: An Atypical Hoosier Adolescent in a Typical Pioneer Community
Abraham Lincoln: The Early Indiana Years
Alice Earl of Lafayette
Francois Marie Bissot, Sieur De Vincennes, French Founder of Vincennes, Indiana
George Rogers Clark
Jonathan Jennings: Indiana’s First Governor
Oliver P. Morton, Indiana’s Civil War Governor
The Shakers
William Henry Harrison: The Acquisition of Indian Lands

Subjects of Note
A Seating Arrangement Designed to Stimulate Interest in Indiana History
Children and Money Management in the Mini-Economy
Early Pioneer History, Local and New Harmony
Foods of the Pioneer Family
Frontier Medicine
Grist Mills of Early America & Today
How May the United States Be Divided into Regions?
Indiana History Baseball
Indiana Underground Railroad Folklore: Western Route & Daviess County
Kids Involved with Indiana
Lesson Plans to Accompany Major’s “The Bears of Blue River”
Owenite Education in New Harmony
Pioneer Day Activities
Pioneer Period of Southern Indiana
Reckonin’ the Rectangular Surveying System
River Transportation
Role Playing with Children
Roman Catholic Schools in Indiana in the 19th Century
The Daily Life of Pioneers in Indiana
Using Projects to Teach Indiana History
Using Time Lines
Utopia on the Wabash: The Harmonie Society
Values in Time: Spring Mill Folklore
People of the Forest Coloring Book
Pioneer Westward Expansion Part 1
Pioneer Westward Expansion Part 2
The King’s M&M’s Part 1
The King’s M&M’s Part 2
Underground Railroad Activity

Indiana History Classroom Ideas from 2013 Teacher Panel
Indiana’s Historic Pathways Coloring & Activity Book